Earlier this week, we shared about how Michigan has the best beer around, with both Bell’s and Founders being ranked as the best breweries.

Today is the reason why Michigan is the best beer state. Why? Because not only do we have the best beer, if you’re broke, we also apparently have the cheapest beer. Less than 60 cents a can!

That’s according to Simple Thrifty Living. STL compiled the the list with 10 different Target and Walmart locations in each state, all in different zip codes, using the price of a case of Miller Light and Bud Light as their measuring stick.

In Michigan, each 24 pack case will set you back on average $14.86. That’s the cheapest in the nation (including Ohio, where it costs $18.04).

On the flip side, the most expensive states were Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, North Dakota and Rhode Island, at a range of $21.10-$21.98.

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