01:19 – The National championship was not even close

02:28 – Michigan’s defense did a number on Michael Penix Jr.

05:34 – Washington got dominated 

08:41 – When Fletcher got hit so hard he knew he almost didn’t want to play football anymore

10:31 – Will Jim Harbaugh stay?

14:39 – Detroit Lions get home playoff game against Rams, how do we do without Sam LaPorta if he’s unavailable

17:27 – Stafford vs Goff? Or is it really about any mobile quarterback

19:09 – If it’s a revenge game for anyone it’s for Jared Goff who got cast aside by the Rams

21:30 – Lions prediction and who needs to step up

24:38 – Have a ton of fun on Sunday night, but when you come to downtown Detroit please remember people live here and respect it like you would your own neighborhood

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