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📰 What to know

>> Royal Oak is getting a new coffeeshop. Lucky Detroit is opening yet another location, this time on Woodward just north of Beaumont Hospital, just past 14 Mile. Eagle-eyed listener Dave reminded me that this spot used to be a Starbucks. There wasn't a timeline on the project shared. [Lucky Coffee Instagram]

It's my non-sponsored opinion that Lucky has among the best coffee in Metro Detroit. I've been to three of their locations and it was amazingly consistent. Try the Vanilla Bourbon or Brown Sugar lattes. I get mine iced, with oat milk.

jessica Care moore (📸 City of Detroit press materials)

>> The City of Detroit has named jessica Care moore as Poet Laureate. A lifelong Detroiter, moore is an acclaimed poet, activist, filmmaker, and founder of several initiatives, including Black WOMEN Rock!, The Moore Art House, and Moore Black Press.

As Poet Laureate, moore will plan and lead poetry-centered events, give an annual address, participate in diverse programs, and write a year-end poem. She is also uniquely tasked with composing poems for special events and making poetry relevant for Detroit residents, particularly children. This announcement was made during National Poetry Month, celebrating the richness of poetry and its ability to encapsulate human experiences.

Her position is sponsored by the Ford Foundation.

Don't @ me on the first and last name, word police. That's how it is. This an excellent choice.

>> Taqueria El Rey is re-opening in the old El Zocalo spot on Bagley in Detroit. Although they're now in Comerica Park and have been popping up around town, the exact future for the beloved Mexican restaurant hasn't been clear.

The taqueria has been serving the Southwest Detroit community for nearly 30 years. The new location is slated for a soft opening in May, with a grand opening to follow in the summer of 2024. [El Central]

I had their food truck over the weekend and they still nailed it. It's always been one of my favorites.

🎧 Remember that there's more stories and conversation on our Daily Detroit podcast! [Apple] [Spotify]

red car blowing turbo
Photo by Oscar Sutton / Unsplash

>> A proposed law could limit (intentionally) loud exhaust systems. We’ve all heard them if you’ve driven around Metro Detroit. Those really loud exhaust systems… not the one from the beater car, but one where the driver is trying to make a point with their sounds.

State Rep. Natalie Price - a Democrat who represents the suburb of Berkley - has introduced a bill that would increase penalties for vehicles altered to produce excessive noise.

This isn't law yet. HB 5696 has been referred to the Committee on Transportation. [Metro Times] [ClickOnDetroit]

a close up of a white and red device
Photo by Michael Förtsch / Unsplash

>> Tesla is unplugging their entire Supercharger team. Normally, I don't write much about that particular automaker as their presence in Metro Detroit is small. But in this case, they have important deals with General Motors and Ford around charging, and many experts thought that a reliable future for Tesla was running the nation's supercharging network. [Electrek]

Among the 500 or so in that division they sent packing (as part of far wider cuts north of 14,000)? The executive responsible for negotiating NACS adoption across the industry. Right "on the cusp" of taking the crown of electric charging, they pull away. [The Verge]

It's going to be interesting to see where EV charging and the infrastructure (that isn't there yet, but needs to go in for wider adoption) goes from here.

My two cents? I have a bold prediction that I didn't want to share until the idea that Tesla would become a Tier 1 supplier of charging was basically off the table.

I predict Tesla will eventually get bought by a legacy car maker as an exit. Because of the real economics of auto work aren't tech multiples. In fact, they're kind of brutal. There's no way this company, now that we know what we know, is worth something near the combined value of the largest automakers.

I'm no brilliant person. History is my guide here. The vast majority of the time in automotive history an upstart makes a mark, contributes innovations for some years, then gets swallowed up — or dies.

You can thank Packard for air conditioning and the modern steering wheel, but you can't buy a new one today.

And this will happen again. Until it doesn’t. But it probably will. I know the market cap has gotta drop for that to happen - and it could if the market starts to value Tesla as a carmaker and not a tech stock.

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