If you’ve been at the Detroit Institute of Bagels in recent weeks, you probably have noticed the paved walk way and the fencing that his been put up and still a work-in-progress.  If you thought it was merely to enhance the establishment, which is definitely a bonus for anyone who parks in the back, think again.

This newly developed lot will also be home to the newly added Corktown Farmers Market which will take place every Thursday from 4-7 p.m. starting May 14.

The newly added lot was funded with donations up to $10,000 by HATCH Detroit and the Detroit Lions. It will feature food from local growers and food business striving to help offer a variety of great items to add to the list.  This event is conveniently timed in the evening and should be accessible to many individuals coming back from work or are living in the local area in need of something quick to pick up.

You can get a list of the 16 current vendors (as well as apply to be a vendor yourself) here.

The official address of this location is 1236 Michigan Avenue in Detroit, where the Lodge meets Michigan Avenue.

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