Wednesday marked the grand opening of PatchWork Collective, a new coworking space just outside of downtown Ferndale.

Located on Woodward at the intersection of West Marshall, PatchWork Collective occupies the majority of the space formerly held by the now-downsized InkAddict tattoo parlor.

PatchWork Collective splits their space into several parts. First, the front of the building contains the open coworking area. Shared desks fill the center of the space and casual lounge areas occupy the corners. Three secluded phone booths are at the back where members can take private calls or work with fewer distractions.

Casual space at PatchWork Collective
One of the casual spaces in the shared area

Second, to the right of the common area is a pop-up retail space where Long White Beard sells custom furniture. The plan is for small local businesses to rotate through this space.

Finally, dedicated, private offices and rooms fill the back of the space. Each space comes furnished with a locker and a shower for bicycle commuters. Acupuncturist Darlene Berger, MSAc currently rents one of the spaces.

Private office space
One of the available private spaces

CEO and cofounder Lisa Schmidt talked to me on the Daily Detroit podcast. She says that the space is geared toward local small businesses and freelancers. In contrast, she says other area coworking spaces court startups.

Members can pay by the day, the month, or the year. You can visit PatchWork Collective’s website for more information.

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