Let’s face it – it’s not always easy having an honest, mature conversation about sex with your family, friends, or even your significant – or not so significant – other.

Moreover, the media is littered with tales of unrealistic beauty, unwanted pregnancies, rampant sexually transmitted disease, sexual exploration gone wrong, and countless other horror stories, all stemming from one of the few things that we actually all have in common.

A new sexual wellness boutique, Spark Plug Detroit, seeks to remedy the apparent disconnect between sexual health and wellness information and those who need it.

Spark Plug is a hybrid of non-profit and for-profit business that will offer an array of sexual wellness services to Detroit residents, a demographic which, according to the organization, is greatly underserved in this area.

According to their website, the organization will offer the following:

  • A boutique, which will offer quality sexual wellness products
  • Educational programming designed to improve social connection and awareness between people. For example, how to talk to youth about sex, or yoga classes for increased body awareness
  • A welcoming space for community-building gatherings, including art exhibits, performances, and story-telling

To help raise awareness about their work, Spark Plug will hold an event called Confessions: Adult Story-Telling, on September 24th from 7 p.m.-9 p.m. at the Jam Handy in Detroit.

The theme of the night will be, “First Times”, and will feature three to five speakers who will share their story about a broadly-defined, though likely sexual in nature, first time.

In addition to the stories, the event will feature complimentary food, door prizes, and adult toys for purchase. Interactive stations will be set up throughout the space for attendees to provide feedback to Spark Plug regarding their future brick-and-mortar location.

You can RSVP to the event on the organization’s Facebook page by clicking here.

To learn more about Spark Plug, visit their website, and follow the conversation via Facebook, or via the handle @sparkplugdet on Twitter and Instagram.

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