If you were out and about at all in downtown Detroit this summer, you probably saw (or heard the patrons of) the contraptions called pedal pubs wind their way through the streets of Detroit.

However, despite having “pub” in their name, alcohol wasn’t being served on board.

The state of Michigan has had a framework in place for a little while to allow the pedal pubs to serve alcohol, but a local city ordinance prohibited it.

Today, thanks to Detroit city council, that changed. An ordinance prohibiting the consumption of alcohol on “any street or sidewalk” was amended, carving out an exception for “commercial quadricycles” on the last day before their scheduled winter recess.

Those who run the mobile establishments are excited about the prospect.

“After a year of being in business we have had 15,000 participants. With this law being passed we are predicting upwards towards 50,000 next year alone,” said Nick Blaszczyk of Detroit Cycle Pub. “With our bikes fleet going from two this year to four next we can accommodate large corporate events, weddings, and more.”

Detroit Cycle Pub’s tours are going to expand into Midtown and Corktown next year, according to the company. They also operate two “mini cycles” in downtown Royal Oak.

Other cities such as Ann Arbor, Bay City, Toledo, Traverse City, Nashville and Cleveland all have allowed alcohol on pedal pubs to be consumed.

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