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Pedal Pubs In The City Of Detroit Are Now Able To Serve Alcohol

If you were out and about at all in downtown Detroit this summer, you probably saw (or heard the patrons of) the contraptions called pedal pubs wind their way through the streets of Detroit. However, despite having “pub” in their name, alcohol wasn’t being served on board. The state of Michigan has had a framework in place for a little while to allow the pedal pubs to serve alcohol, but a local city ordinance prohibited it. Today, thanks to Detroit city council, that changed. An ordinance...

Here's What You Need To Know About Detroit's First Pedal Pubs

One of the most shared things on our site recently was the announcement that pedal pubs would be coming to Michigan. Now, they’re about to hit the streets. Stephen and Brian Lindsay, founders of HandleBar Detroit, are bringing what they say is our first 16-person pedal powered bar on wheels to Detroit and Royal Oak, and the first ride date is October 2. The concept of the pedal pub has been gaining a lot of traction in other cities, showing there’s still room to grow in the bar business. T...

Bring Your Beer With You: Pedal Pubs Become Legal In Michigan

Ever seen one of these pedal pub contraptions and thought, “yes, that’ll be fun?” Soon, you’ll be able to hop on and enjoy your hops thanks to a Michigan law signed by Governor Rick Snyder on Wednesday. In Michigan, passengers will be allowed to drink alcohol on pedal-powered vehicles. Local governments still have the discretion to prohibit drinking on them, but the framework is in place for a whole new kind of fun. Pedal pub operators can not be under the influence of alcohol and also need to...

Pedal Pubs Could Be Coming To Michigan Very Soon

You might have seen them on the internet, but not on the streets of Detroit – well, not legally, anyway. Under legislation approved by the Michigan House and Senate (with the House approving Thursday), drinking alcohol on certain pedal-powered vehicles is now going to be AOK if Governor Snyder signs off. Alcohol would be allowed to be served on commercial, open-air, pedal-powered vehicles, so long as the vehicle’s owner has liability insurance. Having open alcohol on the vehicles could still...

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