To say that there has been a lot of buzz around the new Founders in Midtown is an understatement.

National publications have been picking it up, one positioning it the anchor of Detroit as America’s next beer city, as well as every outlet in town.

Today, I got a chance to take a peek inside of the 14,000 square foot space before the doors swing open to the public at 3 p.m. on Monday.

You’ll also get a look at the price points, as the menus are below.

And as far as a brewery goes, Founders in Midtown has all the things.

Patio with fire pits? Check.

Large garage doors that can open in warm weather to expand the space? Check.

Chalkboard menu? Check.

A variety of snacks including pretzels ($8.25 for pretzel + cheese dip)? Check.

Barrels on the wall as decor? Check.

A back bar for special events without having to shut the whole thing down? Check.

Kegs as decor? Check.

Gift shop? Check.

On-site brewing? Check.

Helpful staff and a selection of sandwiches? Check. Die-hard fans should note that there isn’t the pizza or soup there is at the Grand Rapids location.

On the score sheet, this place checks almost all of the boxes.

The beer is the star, of course. Whether you’re into the 11.5% ABV Barrel-Aged Sumatra Mount Brown, a Breakfast Stout, or an All Day IPA. Just as a note for when you’re going out, as you might expect at a place like this, there is only beer. No liquor. No wine.


It’s clear this space will be a destination, and that’s why the folks at Midtown Inc. and others worked so hard to get it here.

The Founders brand is powerful, and so is the beer. It is attractive and will be loved by Red Wings and Pistons fans coming down to the game, or as part of a nice night out.

But me, personally? I can’t tell you that I immediately fell in love with the space, and I can’t exactly tell you why. It’s pretty. And it’s wonderful they rehabbed this old building.

But having a beer in the space this afternoon, I felt no soul in these dancing shoes. Not yet, anyway.

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