When you’re a billionaire like Dan Gilbert, the Internet is going to poke fun at you. That’s just the reality. Add in the fact that the particular billionaire in question got into a recent Twitter skirmish with a couple of local reporters about a story about cameras on a building downtown, and the clock was just ticking until someone did something like this.

In a satiric twist on the popular “Detroit vs. Everybody” clothing line, a fan site popped up selling “Gilbert vs. Everybody” t-shirts. They’re running $20 and they say (though we’re not able to verify) all proceeds go to the Ruth Ellis Center, which helps LGBT youth in Metro Detroit. The unnamed shirt makers utilized the cult popular meme of Underachieving Detroit Hipster Guy who, in his (normal for his page) broken english said:

so i been reading the new today and yesterday and im seeing all these people mad at don gilber for what who even knows any more look everybody this guy does more for detroit then anybody so what if he want to put some camera on your building maybe then people wont do bad art on your walls did you think of that bet not so there you go give the guy a brake already hes just trying to help save detroit for you since your all too busy writing mean things about him don gilber is my friend so i made a shirt with some markers that im wearing around so everybody knows gilber isnt taking any of this nonsense and if hes gotta fight some people hes down to get in the octajohn i think thats where the mdma fighters do there thing anyway if anybody wants to do it hes down im telling you since were friends i know whats up its don gilber vs everybody in the news especially

Here’s where you can get the shirts. We wouldn’t be surprised if they’re not online for too much longer.

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