Devon O’Reilly is in for his Friday appearance. We talk about a few things around town, but the big focus of conversation is food trucks. Where should they be allowed? Do they compete with local businesses? Devon has some strong opinions about a proposed ordinance in Dearborn that would put some strong limits on them.

The rundown:

Where we’ve been:

01:50 – CIBO is open in the Cambria, and it looks amazing

04:27 – Jer went to see Waitress the Musical movie with Sara Bareilles at the Birmingham 8. Good show, historic theater.


07:02 – Dearborn food truck ordinance discussion (would love your feedback and opinions) Rapid fire food news

18:56 – Caribou coffee drive thru opening in Ferndale on Monday. Do drive-thrus work for you? Do you prefer a coffeeshop to sit in?

21:27 – Batch Brewing has launched a full menu

22:21 – Cinema Detroit finds a pop-up home in Planet Ant in Hamtramck

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