In these days of Detroit’s current renaissance, or “new Detroit” as some call it, it’s important to remember that there are companies have actually enjoyed a rather long tenure in the city.

The few and proud that wear that badge have see the worst of times, and now, the best – or at least “bettering” – of times, and their commitment to the community is one of the key reasons that the city managed to persevere through challenges.

One such company is Strategic Staffing Solutions (S3) – a Detroit-based global IT and business solutions company that has grown from a three-person start-up to become a $260 million global business, with 2,700 consultants and 31 branches across the United States and Europe.

Today, the impressive company celebrates it’s 25th anniversary as a now a global company, and they’re painting the town green to celebrate.

Courtesy Photo
Courtesy Photo – Photographer: Fred Farris

Detroit’s iconic Spirit of Detroit, along with several other city landmarks, will take part in S3’s anniversary by wearing the company’s iconic green color. In addition to the Spirit wearing an S3 hockey jersey, major buildings and landmarks in Detroit will “go green” today to celebrate S3’s accomplishment.

In addition to iconic buildings in Downtown Detroit sporting S3’s signature corporate color and logo, S3 will host its 25th anniversary celebration at the Detroit Athletic Club (DAC). The event will be attended by civic, regional and state government officials, as well as customers.

Courtesy Photo – Photographer: Fred Farris

Pasky is the brains behind the massive global operation and one of the few major organization leaders that not only invests in but also lives in the city. She is one of the most celebrated CEOs not only the Detroit business community, but in corporate circles worldwide with numerous awards, including ones in the Baltic state of Lithuania.

In addition to being a business powerhouse, the company has also made a name for itself through its impact in the community. Since 1990, S3 has donated more than $9 million to charities, and in 2014, the company donated nearly $2 million to community enrichment projects.

Local beneficiaries of S3’s long-term support include the Detroit Police Department’s Mounted Division, Detroit Public Schools, the Michigan Humane Society, and Mariners Inn.

“The continued success of our team members is the result of their sustained commitment to meeting the evolving challenges of a fast-growing market, and their demonstrated ability to exceed our customers’ expectations,” said Pasky. “We take immense pride in our visionary leadership team and the consultants they serve, each of whom strive to put into action our company’s core values, putting our customers and communities first.”

Tonight you can check out all the iconic spots donning the company’s colors throughout the city using this map:


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