Yes, we know there’s a UAW strike. But this early, there’s not that much to add or discuss. So we’re going to do what we usually do on Fridays and cover where to go around town.

02:07 – Devon highlights Dearborn’s Shibam Yemeni coffee.

05:45 – Anthology in Eastern Market is a great birdwatching spot

07:15 – Sullivan’s Steakhouse in the Book Cadillac opens! Devon has a first look and thoughts

11:27 – Where we’ve been – Iron Gate in downtown Wyandotte

15:41 – Treat Dreams closes in Detroit’s Midtown after eight years. Locations continue in Madison Heights, Ferndale and Grosse Pointe Woods.

19:30 – Lululemon is temporarily moving to the old Under Armour space on Woodward while their spot gets remodeled. And we learn about Devon’s pants.

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