Iron Gate2

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Sullivan's Steakhouse first look // Treat Dreams Midtown closes // Shibam Coffee // Iron Gate

Yes, we know there’s a UAW strike. But this early, there’s not that much to add or discuss. So we’re going to do what we usually do on Fridays and cover where to go around town. 02:07 – Devon highlights Dearborn’s Shibam Yemeni coffee. 05:45 – Anthology in Eastern Market is a great birdwatching spot 07:15 – Sullivan’s Steakhouse in the Book Cadillac opens! Devon has a first look and thoughts 11:27 – Where we’ve been – Iron Gate in downtown Wyandotte 15:41 – Treat Dreams closes in D...

Midtown Target update; Pink Aquavit; Wyandotte's Iron Gate + trying a pizza robot

Today's fun Friday has Randy Walker in for Devon who will be back next week. - Norden Aquavit's Pink strawberry is out, and we have a sip. Each year is different, and this has a great flavor. We also talk a bit about what Aquavit is in case you don't know. - Randy went to Wyandotte's Iron Gate for a Tiki cocktail experience - Everyone's talking about the ZaBot Pizza Robot, but few are saying what it's like. We went with our own money and give it a spin with feedback - There's progress on Targ...

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