There’s a lot going on around town and stuff to catch up on as due to the holiday we skipped the Monday show.

Norris Howard and Fletcher Sharpe are in with Jer to talk about:

01:55 – Lions vs Chiefs. Not only for the game, but how do we feel about the season? And Norris dissents.

05:20 – A recent Federal ruling is a win against asset forfeiture by Wayne County and for due process rights. We dive in, and Fletcher shares the lengths he had to go through to get his car back. The article with more information:

13:52 – What is the most popular car in Michigan? As in what we actually drive? It’s shared with only three other states.

17:37 – Detroit’s real estate market around Cannabis is cooling off. Has Detroit missed the boat? We discuss. Read more:

27:08 – Apparently Shaq is bringing his chicken to Michigan. Do we need more celebrity chicken?

29:29 – Then we debate what is the best chicken in metro Detroit right now, across multiple chicken formats like sandwiches, fancy, etc.

We do this every weekday except Federal holidays.

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