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Supershow: Lions talk // Asset forfeiture // Cannabis real estate slows // Best chicken around?

There’s a lot going on around town and stuff to catch up on as due to the holiday we skipped the Monday show. Norris Howard and Fletcher Sharpe are in with Jer to talk about: 01:55 – Lions vs Chiefs. Not only for the game, but how do we feel about the season? And Norris dissents. 05:20 – A recent Federal ruling is a win against asset forfeiture by Wayne County and for due process rights. We dive in, and Fletcher shares the lengths he had to go through to get his car back. The article w...

Detroit cannabis update // Chevy Bolt coming back // Big soccer weekend

Norris Howard is on the line, and we’ve got three main topics we’re talking about. 02:57 There’s a bunch of updates in Detroit’s cannabis situation. * The city council approved shortening the distance between establishments.  * A number of new licenses will be issued. * And, Chris Webber is backing out of a $175 million deal. 13:09 The Chevy Bolt will be back! GM changes its mind on one of the most affordable EVs out there.  18:26 The Crystal Palace v Sevilla match is this weekend...

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