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Former Third Precinct Building In Southwest Detroit To Be Home To Detroit School For Digital Technology

As a marketing and branding guy here in Detroit I get a chance to see so many great things day to day. We continue to blossom with great opportunities sprouting up and forging us forward into the Digital space. There’s one project in particular that I’m happy to have watched materialize into what could be a major tie in to providing national and international attention to the city, and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this team. The Detroit School for Digital Technology, which has...

Compared To Other Cities, Is Detroit's Land Area Really As Massive As People Think It Is?

A reader forwarded us an interesting post from UrbanLand about Detroit’s revitalization, and the importance of adaptive reuse. Although it focuses a lot on Corktown, it’s also one of the areas that their premise concept – adaptive reuse – has been very evident. It’s a long piece, but a factoid stood out: “In terms of land mass, Detroit is a small city; of the 24 U.S. municipalities with at least 600,000 residents, Detroit is the fourth smallest, at 139 square miles (360 sq km).” There has...

Vacant Former Detroit High School To Become Home To 650 Jobs, Training Center

There’s going to be new life for the old Southwestern High School built in 1924, which was recently closed in 2012 due to budget cuts. Sakthi Automotive will purchase and will redevelop Southwestern High School, enabling the company to build out an approximately 650-employee manufacturing campus and a training center for new engineers. Sakthi is a Tier one automotive supplier. Sakthi is putting $31 million into the facility, and the expansion means that lightweight metal auto componen...

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