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VIDEO: Motorcyclist Rides Through A Brick Wall And Lives To Tell The Tale

It’s not every day you see video of a motorcycle going through a brick wall. Let alone when the motorcyclist lives. But that’s exactly what the Allen Park Police Department is sharing today, with the permission of the rider. A man who is now nicknamed “Wrecking Ball” (his real name hasn’t been shared) by his friends drove through a brick wall after an equipment function at Southfield and Allen roads in Allen Park. Here’s the video. Although he suffered some broken bones, the human...

Did Allen Park Police Pull Over The Wrong Car? You Be The Judge

This one is a video puzzler. A dash cam video, posted by an anonymous driver only known as Mr. Sarge, shows a Challenger speeding by him down I-94 on his way home from work, and a police vehicle shortly after in pursuit. But then the story takes a twist. From Jalopnik: A few minutes later, traffic slowed down and he (Mr. Sarge) snapped photos of a black Challenger that had been pulled over by the same police Tahoe. Thinking the incident was kind of funny, Mr. Sarge posted it to the Camaro fo...

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