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The growing strength of America's labor movement (ft. Mike Podhorzer)

Ford, Stellantis and General Motors all now have tentative deals with the UAW. But the longterm impact may just be beginning as labor’s strength grows politically. Mike Podhorzer, former AFL-CIO political director, joins me to talk about just that. Feedback as always – dailydetroit – at – gmail – dot – com or 313-789-3211 Follow us on Apple Podcasts:  Or Spotify:  Thanks to our members:

On the Detroit casino picket line

Workers at Detroit’s three casinos are on strike. We catch you up on the situation, and talk to people on the picket line about their concerns. If you’re a casino visitor, we’d love to hear from you about what you think. Feedback as always – dailydetroit – at – gmail – dot – com or 313-789-3211 Follow us on Apple Podcasts:  Or Spotify:  Thanks to our members:  Or those who do...

How could we switch to a four-day work week? (ft. Dr. Peter Berg)

Are you working too much? Are we all working too much? Dr. Peter Berg, a professor of employment relations at Michigan State University, discusses the growing popularity of the four-day workweek and its various forms. The demand for flexibility, especially among younger workers, has led to the desire for a better work-life balance. While these models have been around in Europe for decades, they are now gaining traction in the United States. We talk about different implementations lik...

Labor gaining steam? // Hamtramck culture clash

This one might rattle some folks. Norris Howard is in straight from Brightmoor on this one. 00:53 – Norris Howard gets his wish as plans are in place to bring Raising Cane’s to Metro Detroit (that’s not the controversial part)  More: 02:50 – The UAW walks out at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network, with more than 1,100 on strike. Between this, the possibility...

Trying the new Tiliani // Deli owner dies // 32 Hour work week?

Hello Friday! Devon O’Reilly is on the line and we talk about a few things around metro Detroit. 01:51 – The owner of the beloved Mati’s Deli, Lou Weinstein, has died. The shop is closed for now for bereavement. Devon’s been going to the deli for years.  04:13 – Where has Devon been? He tried the coastal Italian place Tiliani that recently opened in West Dearborn. He shared all his tasty thoughts.  07:39 – Should a 32 hour work week be the norm? The UAW, as one of the goals of current...

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