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GM Unveils 2 eBikes, Wants Suggestions For Names

General Motors is branching into e-bikes. The company has unveiled images of what it calls “innovative, integrated and connected eBikes” that it says will go on sale in 2019. One is folding and the other is compact. But neither of them have a brand name yet, and that’s where the company is soliciting help. GM has set up a website called where you can submit your ideas for a name. The person who comes up with the winning name gets $10,000, while nine participants...

Pair Of Bicyclist Abduction & Assault Incidents In Detroit Raise Safety Questions

Two abductions of females on bicycles has the community talking and wondering what to do to keep safe on Detroit’s streets. Detroit’s bicycling community is seeing strong gains, between more bicyclists on the road and they city’s focus on bike sharing and protected bike lanes. But two incidents raise questions about being protected from a personal safety perspective. Both incidents occurred less than a mile from the Russell Industrial Center. First, there was an abduction on Saturday, Sept...

WATCH: Detroit Police Pull Over Velomobile And Get Schooled On How Michigan's Vehicle Code Actually Works

Have you ever been pulled over while on a bicycle? Well, this Velomobile is a type of bicycle, and that’s what happened to Doug Grosjean. See, the Dearborn resident uses his human-powered Velomobile to commute to work, sometimes down Evergreen. He’s hard to miss if you’ve been to biking events and it’s not like he’s not a known quantity with being included in an HOUR Magazine profile and all.  What is a Velomobile? Imagine a bike or tricycle (human-powered, no engine) with an aerodynamic s...

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