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Detroit Has Always Hustled Harder: Meet A Detroit Hustler From The 1800s

The terms “hustle” and “hustler” are big in culture today, especially here in Detroit. “Detroit Hustles Harder” is a popular shirt and slogan. People waking up and Snapchatting “Time to rise and grind” and talking about how hard they hustle or are hustlers. But hustler? As in someone who goes after their goals and works hard? That’s a very old term. Described in an 1891 book, “Detroit in History and Commerce” our hustler we’ll talk about here was described as “ … a young man — thirty six yea...

Portland Hustles Softer? The West Coast Has A Take On Detroit Hustles Harder

A reader sent us along a nascent Facebook page (with store) of a new line of clothing from the Portland area. It is an almost exact replica of the popular “Detroit Hustles Harder” shirt, but with their own, mecca-of-hipsterdom spin on it. “Portland Hustles Softer.” The “story” of the brand doesn’t mention too many specifics, but it does mention someone who moved from Detroit to Portland, and avoided getting dysentery (a reference to the iconic “Oregon Trail” video game). They have on thei...

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