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Presley's + Elephant and Co. First Taste // Do people just care more about U of M? // Changes Downtown

Welcome to Friday! Devon O'Reilly is in and we're talking all things Detroit. 00:59 A first taste of two new places: Presley's in the David Whitney Building and Elephant and Co. in the old Founder's space in Midtown Detroit 12:16 - There's a lot of talk about elite and top colleges getting more media coverage than others. But is it in response to an alumni base that shows up? We've been talking about the big $3 billion development MSU is involved in in the city's New Center; but from feedback...

What Downtown Detroit Is Actually Lacking Is Detroit Style Pizza

Downtown Detroit might not need any more burger joints according to the food critic of Detroit’s paper of record. He might be right. But the whole open letter from Mark Kurlyandchik got me thinking about what downtown, Midtown, and New Center is actually lacking when it comes to restaurants. I’m no seasoned food critic, just a lover of food – but I think I have an answer. Detroit style pizza. Sure there is Niki’s, but is it even that good? And that’s just one place. Pizza Papalis doesn’t...

Buddy's Is Giving Away Pizza For A Year And Free Posters This Weekend

Buddy’s Pizza is one of the pantheon of Detroit’s deep dish pizza places. Founded 71 years ago in Detroit at 17125 Conant Street (and the location is still there), the business has spread around the Detroit region like sauce and cheese on, well, pizza. To celebrate their 71st birthday, Buddy’s is giving away a special edition poster of their original location as well as to one lucky winner, Buddy’s Pizza for a year. The return of “Buddy’s Pizza Day” brings three contests: Poster Giveaway –...

Buddy's Wins Award For Tastiest Pizza In North America

Buddy’s Pizza won the Chowzter award for “Tastiest Pizza in North America,” and they made this little video about Buddy’s to explain why they won. It also gives a mini-crash course in Buddy’s history, and features the original location on 6 mile and Conant. For those of us who love pizza in Detroit, we know that Buddy’s gets a lot of great press for their square, sauce-on-top, chewy crust combinations. However, an award for best pies on the continent is recognition to brag about. Never heard o...

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