Buddy’s Pizza won the Chowzter award for “Tastiest Pizza in North America,” and they made this little video about Buddy’s to explain why they won. It also gives a mini-crash course in Buddy’s history, and features the original location on 6 mile and Conant. For those of us who love pizza in Detroit, we know that Buddy’s gets a lot of great press for their square, sauce-on-top, chewy crust combinations. However, an award for best pies on the continent is recognition to brag about.

Never heard of Chowzter before? This is a snippet from the about page of their website.

Chowzter is a global network of the world’s most celebrated food experts and writers, all searching for the tastiest Fast Feasts on the planet. Prepared by passionate and inspired artisans, Fast Feasts are locally sourced, freshly prepared, served hot on the spot and enjoyed immediately. The best of these Fast Feasts reflect the local culture, history and traditions of their cities and countries of origin.

These unique discoveries are highly curated and undergo a rigorous local and international process. They are featured on our web site and App (Android and Apple versions available) and are celebrated at Chowzter regional and global award ceremonies.

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