From the Porch of the Grand Hotel at the Mackinac Policy Conference, Jer and Devon talk about the latest happenings around Metro Detroit. There's a mix of heavy and hopeful news on this one. In this episode, we cover: Detroit Riverfront Conservancy Scandal: Fresh developments reveal that up to $40 million may have been embezzled from the nonprofit fund. The FBI is investigating, and the potential fallout could impact local black developers and businesses. Dan Gilbert’s Philanthropic Vision: At the Mackinac Policy Conference, Dan Gilbert announced plans to give away his fortune, potentially transforming Detroit through large-scale investments in education, transportation, and community development. We play the game "what would you do first if you were able to decide where to put a billion dollars?" Mark Hackel’s Political Ambitions: Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel plays footsie with a gubernatorial run again while distancing himself from supporting President Joe Biden, stirring local political dynamics. Personal Reflections and Future Prospects: Jer and Devon discuss the broader implications of these stories and speculate on the transformative potential of Gilbert’s philanthropic promises. Join us for an insightful episode as we navigate the complexities and opportunities facing Detroit today. Our all-local daily podcast is on Apple Podcasts:

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