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65,000 streetlights and $185 million later, Detroit has working streetlights has in every zip code

It’s finally done. After three year of work, Detroit has streetlights in every zip code. On Thursday, December 15, the Public Lighting Authority (PLA) installed the last of 65,000 new LED streetlights in the city. That completes a massive $185 million relighting program that began in February 2014 after Mayor Mike Duggan and Detroit City Council appointed a new board to lead the project. The last stretch of replaced lights was turned on during a ceremony at dusk just east of downtown Detroit...

We're supposed to have working streetlights

This week came the news that the $185 million relighting program for Detroit’s streetlights is complete. It’s not that the city being re-wired and re-lit with LED streetlights is a bad thing. It’s a very good step forward. It seems to have been quite the effort over multiple years to make it happen, involving the hard work of many organizations like DTE Energy, the Public Lighting Authority, and countless people. More details are here, but here’s the main point: On Thursday, December 15, t...

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