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Detroit Is One Of Six Cities To Watch

Urbanful has recently realized what residents and boosters of Detroit have long known: The City of Detroit is poised to see a grand transformation, one that will take solid root 2015. The article cited the fact that Detroit’s bankruptcy period only lasted 16 months, which was a relatively short time compared to other U.S. cities that faced bankruptcy. However, Detroit’s ability to remain strong in the face of financial woes and still emerge with a fighting spirit is the driving force behind ma...

The Future Of Detroit Tourism To Be Discussed At Shinola Store In New York

Playground Detroit, an organization that advocates and helps build bridges between the Detroit and New York artistic communities, is holding in partnership with [wherever] magazine an event at the Shinola store in the TriBeCa neighborhood of New York City on Wednesday night to discuss Detroit tourism. Key discussion items at the event, which will be live streamed and so viewable in Detroit, are: * To discuss the overall prospects of tourism in Detroit * To further the discussion surroundin...

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