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Michigan To Begin Collecting Sales Tax For Online Purchases

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signed legislation Thursday that requires large online retailers in Michigan to collect and remit the state’s 6% sales tax starting October 1. The law is expected to bring in about $60 million a year. Traditional retailers, who have long advocated for the “Main Street Fairness” legislation, believe that tax-free Internet sales are unfairly undermining their business. “Local brick-and-mortar businesses drive our economy and without implementing this fix, they will co...

Michigan Sales Tax To Increase To 7% Under Proposed Road Funding Deal

The Michigan Legislature and Governor Rick Snyder have come to an agreement on the controversial road funding issue. Voters in May will be asked to approve a one cent, or 1%, sales tax increase to pay for repairs for our state’s moribund road system. The road fix plan includes swapping the sales tax on fuel for a new motor fuels tax dedicated specifically to roads with an eye toward raising as much as $1.34 billion in new funding. $1.2 billion for roads, and public transit would get $112 milli...

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