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Yahoo! Readers Name Green Dot Stables The Best Fries Of Michigan

When Green Dot Stables came to be in 2012, some people might of thought owner Jacques Driscoll was crazy. The joint is over tucked by the bridge, and a back then, more off of the beaten path than on it. But that didn’t matter. That the food was awesome, and the people came and today Green Dot Stables is packed on a constant basis. And now, here’s some accolades from the readers of Yahoo, in a list of 50 states making Green Dot the representative for the State of Michigan. The list was to...

5 Tasty Burgers To Love Around Metro Detroit

Detroit’s a city of taste. Foodie taste, that is. Americana Favorites like Coneys, Vernors, and Faygo, as well as a wide variety of unique international cuisines are available here. But what about the venerable burger? The hamburger was born into American cuisine somewhere around 1900 and has since become as ubiquitous a symbol of America as the flag itself. Although many sell hamburgers, some of the best burgers in the Detroit area are off the beaten path, while others are right around the co...

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