Detroit’s a city of taste. Foodie taste, that is. Americana Favorites like Coneys, Vernors, and Faygo, as well as a wide variety of unique international cuisines are available here. But what about the venerable burger?

The hamburger was born into American cuisine somewhere around 1900 and has since become as ubiquitous a symbol of America as the flag itself. Although many sell hamburgers, some of the best burgers in the Detroit area are off the beaten path, while others are right around the corner. Over the last couple of months, we’ve been eating our way across Detroit on our delicious quest of self-fulfillment. So let us enlighten you with these locations (in no particular order) where we found five burgers to love!


Motor City Sports Bar

Our first stop on our journey takes us to the diverse enclave of Hamtramck. This local staple brings a hearty blue collar, blown-away taste rooted in the origins of the bar (it’s in the old New Dodge Lounge location, and Motor City Sports Bar opened up after New Dodge moved). This is the bacon, mushroom and swiss burger, and we went to town on it and followed it up with a shot of the three wise men (Johnny, Jim and Jack together) for good measure. Say hi to the bartender, Gina. It’s a neighborhood spot. You can grab this burger at 9122 Joseph Campau St. in Hamtramck. [Yelp profile, no website]

Marcus Hamburger

Marcus Hamburger

This one is unique. At first, it’s fair to think that you were tricked into eating a coney if you let the bun deceive you. In reality, the Marcus hamburger is the lovechild of a steak and a coney dog, served with the options of onion, relish, ketchup and mustard. This is the cheeseburger version. It’s the most unique looking and being a steak burger it’s a quality bite. This one is tucked in an industrial area off of the freeway, but it’s a cool place from the 1920s and has a single, long, wrap-around counter.  Find it at 6349 E McNichols Road in Detroit. [they apparently don’t need a website either, here’s a report on Detroit2020]

Mercury Burger Bar

Mercury Burger Bar

Mercury Burger Bar has quickly become a player in the burger game. Located in Corktown, this place puts quality ingredients with a neat, welcoming vibe from their interior to their patio that is nestled between buildings. But what about the food? Our favorite is the Blue Apple here. Applewood smoked bacon, bleu cheese, and tastiness. If you want to throw your diet out the window, pair it with poutine tater tots instead of fries and share with a friend. Head over by the old Michigan Central Station and get your grub on at 2163 Michigan Avenue in Detroit. [website]

Miller's Bar Burger

Miller’s Bar

Look at the gastronomic efficiency in the picture above. Fat, juicy burgers that were getting ready for a full house of desirous customers. Since 1941, they’ve been delighting folks. What’s also cool is that they use the honor system here, where staff takes your order and you tell them what you had when you pay at the bar. Trust in customers is a good thing. Roll out to 23700 Michigan Avenue in Dearborn to check them out. [website]

Green Dot Stables Burger

Green Dot Stables

We saved the smallest for last. This $2 cheeseburger can be consumed quickly, easily, and tastily. Think White Castle, but made with high quality ingredients, toppings, and served with booze. Almost everything here is in slider form, so you can have a culinary adventure without risk beyond $2 or $3.They’re also in the shadow of the old train station. Maybe proximity to that architectural icon makes for tasty burgers? We can only speculate. Find these at 2200 West Lafayette in Detroit. [website]

Ok, there you go. Five burgers. This isn’t a comprehensive list, obviously, as we have three counties and many cities to eat through. Where shall we go next?

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