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10 Menu Suggestions For Kid Rock's New Detroit Restaurant

He might or might not be running for U.S. Senate. But Kid Rock is for sure opening a restaurant at the new Little Caesars Arena, “Kid Rock’s Made In Detroit.” The Detroit Free Press reports that the 5,800 square foot restaurant is going to have a variety of “southern” and “Detroit-inspired” dishes. The menu isn’t out yet, but we have thoughts. And although one can always appreciate the hometown pride, sometimes things just deserve to be skewered with humor. This is Detroit, after all. If y...

10 Things White People Like In Detroit

I spent my twenties working and partying in downtown Detroit. This was before Dan Gilbert came to town and made parts of it all fancy-schmancy with “placemaking initiatives” that “leverage the assets.” I’d drink well specials at The Well, talking with my friends about what should be done to get the city out of its current funk while I learned how real life worked and where I might fit in. My days of staying out all night running around the streets of Detroit are over. I’ll let the next gener...

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