He might or might not be running for U.S. Senate. But Kid Rock is for sure opening a restaurant at the new Little Caesars Arena, “Kid Rock’s Made In Detroit.”

The Detroit Free Press reports that the 5,800 square foot restaurant is going to have a variety of “southern” and “Detroit-inspired” dishes. The menu isn’t out yet, but we have thoughts.

And although one can always appreciate the hometown pride, sometimes things just deserve to be skewered with humor.

This is Detroit, after all. If you can’t take a joke, we’re not sure you belong here.

So here are 10 menu suggestions for the new Kid Rock restaurant.

1. Trump Tots

For his favorite president, they’re light and fluffy due to their being filled with hot air.

2. Kracker Cakes

To honor Uncle Kracker, of course.

3. Nugent Nuggets

Chicken nuggets with a little bit of anger in every bite.

4. “Cowboy” Burger

Cooked exclusively on his 100% American grill, this burger is 98% lean beef in honor of the song “Cowboy” and its 1998 release date.

5. Hater Taters

Kid Rock isn’t about the haters, so he’d make a statement with this dish of spicy potatoes. Bonus: Thanks to a reader suggestion, they’d be served next to Bawitda-brats.

6. All Summer Lager


Their signature beer for summertime, to compliment his “American Badass” line of brews.

7. Putin-e

A spin on the French Canadian dish Poutine that’s taken the city by storm the last couple years. This is cheese fries (orange colored), smothered in Russian dressing along with some secret ingredients that are only available after an investigation.

8. BawitdaBBQ

Much like the song lyrics, we can’t quite understand what’s exactly in it or why people like it. But it’ll be be one of the most popular dishes on the menu.

9. Only God Knows Why You Ordered This

The name of the deep-fried appetizer sampler platter, of course.

10. Bahn Free 

A dish inspired by the south, Kid Rock’s song “Born Free,” and has a Vietnamese twist as it utilizes Bahn Mi.

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