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Metro Detroit's Future Could Go Off The Rails If We Walk Away From The RTA

This is why we can’t have nice things. That was our reaction, along with a cynical shrug of the shoulders, to the news that the Southeast Michigan Regional Transit Authority was forced to postpone voting on its master plan. This, after literally decades of false starts and setbacks that have left the Detroit region a woefully underserved backwater of public transportation, with two competing bus systems and a service area with glaring holes where virtually no transit service exists. The vo...

OPINION: Regional Mass Transit Plan A Giant Step Forward For Metro Detroit

Woodward, Gratiot, Michigan Avenue, and M-59. When a bill to establish a regional transit authority in metro Detroit came before the Michigan Legislature four years ago, it named only those four regional corridors as the agency’s focus, prompting concerns by some – including ourselves – that the authority might overlook the pressing transit needs across our whole region. Thankfully, the draft Regional Master Transit Plan released by the RTA at a series of public meetings this month is so muc...

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