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Difficult Intersection In Downtown Detroit To Become More Walkable, Get 13,000 Foot Plaza

New plans and an animation were released today, focusing on simplifying one of downtown Detroit’s most difficult intersections for pedestrians and confusing for cars. And the time we’re going to have to wait to see the changes is extremely short … as in as early as next week. The intersection is at Gratiot and Randolph, which are state roads, along with city streets Broadway and Macomb. The plan is to not only move northbound Randolph traffic so both direction are in what’s currently the sou...

Warren Between Woodward And Second To Be More Bikable, Walkable As Pilot Program This Weekend

Before the chill of autumn falls too heavy on Michigan there is Walkable Warren – a way for everyone who wants to get around this part of the Motor City sans the motor. From September 22-24, the busy two-block stretch on Warren between Woodward and Second Avenues will be reduced to two lanes instead of three. The third lane will be converted into a protected bike lane. Wayne will show off the improvements that make this area more pedestrian and bike friendly such as painted bike lanes, pedes...

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