Every week, we’re bringing you a list of some of the most interesting stories about Detroit. We obviously can’t be everywhere and there’s some interesting, funny and thoughtful stuff out there. So check out a few things we pulled out for you.

The elected officials (Mayor & City Council) in the City of Detroit have regained control as Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr transitions to a new role. Want learn even more? Listen to a great interview with the Emergency Manager. [ABC News/AP, WDET]

The influx of Latino and Hispanic residents isn’t stopping at Mexicantown or Southwest Detroit, and it’s providing an economic boost to the inner ring suburb of Lincoln Park. [Detroit News]

No, Detroit is not an urban wasteland, New York Times writer guy David Brooks. Huffington Post has the stand-up for Detroit covered, and you should check it out. [HuffPo Detroit]

A bunch of Detroit-area businesses are finalists for a Martha Stewart “American Made” competition. Check’em out here. [DetroitUnspun]

We’ve never seen so much consternation over a move of 50 employees, but that’s what has happened with Cadillac moving their headquarters to New York City. The Lincoln experiment a few years ago of moving to the west coast didn’t work, and we don’t expect this automotive version of going on a trip to find themselves to produce the desired results either. Here’s an argument why Cadillac should stay. But whatever your opinion is, people sure love to talk about it. [Forbes, Detroit News]

The Hecker-Smiley Mansion on Woodward is a beauty. Steeped in history and looking like something out a fairy tale, it fetched a cool $2.3 million in a sale this week to Wayne State University. Here’s some photos and more info about it. [MLive Detroit]

Both the new Red Wings arena and the adjacent District Detroit officially kicked off this week with a groundbreaking, and it’ll be subdivided into four “cool” districts with marketing that invokes words like “punk” and “art” and “entrepreneurial” in the same paragraph. Although a new arena will garner a lot of attention, and it should, we think the bigger story long-term is that downtown Detroit development overall is at a turning point.

Buy a home in the tax auction? You might need to move some people out of it, and in some cases, they might not know their former landlord lost the home. There’s an estimate that about 300 of the properties have folks staying in them. [Curbed Detroit]

DPS, among other things, is battling a teacher shortage. These schools need to be fixed, and this doesn’t look (and it’s not good) for the city. [Detroit Free Press]

Late night waffles. That is all.

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