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Your Detroit Reading List for October 26, 2014

Let’s go straight to some of the best stories around the web about Detroit! The David Whitney Building looks awesome. Although the rent is going to be above what we could afford, a $2 per square foot rental rate is the “tipping point” many talked about for downtown. The lobby is outstanding and the development will have a hotel, restaurants, and living spaces. [Detroit News] An update on inclusion in Detroit’s turnaround. Alex B. Hill’s data is still making waves in the media where there’s a...

Your Detroit Reading List For the Week Of October 19

Hello, Daily Detroit readers! Detroit had a lot of interesting stories this week. There’s a little extra “thought” in the “thought-provoking” equation as even if you don’t agree with the points being made by various writers we found this week, it’s clear that the conversation about Detroit isn’t slowing down. So without much ado, here’s the list. Meet the Detroit graffiti gaffe. First, inspectors ticketed a bunch of buildings for tickets for ordinance violations.. many buildings whose owners...

Your Sunday Detroit Reading List For The Week Of Oct. 12

Detroit is a work in progress. And, as a major city, it always will be. See, we get this idea that other cities are “done” or “figured it out,” and the reality is maybe they’ve figured it out more than we have, but they haven’t figured it all out. Chicago is dealing with a crime wave. New York in areas has immense rent problems (for instance, we interviewed someone yesterday from New York whose rent was raised from $800 a month to $4000 a month overnight. How about them apples?) and now has mo...

Your Sunday Sept. 28 Detroit Reading List

Every week, we’re bringing you a list of some of the most interesting stories about Detroit. We obviously can’t be everywhere and there’s some interesting, funny and thoughtful stuff out there. So check out a few things we pulled out for you. The elected officials (Mayor & City Council) in the City of Detroit have regained control as Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr transitions to a new role. Want learn even more? Listen to a great interview with the Emergency Manager. [ABC News/AP, WDET] The inf...

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