Shinola has a new-ish commercial out along with Third Man Records set in the Cass Corridor (part of the larger area often referred to as Midtown) and talking about Detroit music, with the aim of pushing Shinola’s new audio line.

Three songs featured in the 90 second piece are While You Were Gone by The Combinations, Gotta Let You Know by James T. Cotton, and On the Run by The Gories. It’s set mostly in the Cass Corridor Third Man Records store.

The commercial (embedded below) has some visuals of the city, including the United Sound studios and inside of the famous Motown studio A. It is part of a series produced by Vice for Shinola for broadcast on their network.

Why audio? If you haven’t heard, Shinola is now not just doing watches, bikes and leather but luxury audio gear. As they say, “It’s the only way to hear the sounds of Detroit – Through Shinola’s Runwell Turntable.”

Said Runwell turntable record player will set you back a cool $2,500 and the initial run is only 500 units.

Here’s how they describe it:

The Runwell Turntable is a special machine: made of solid aluminum, steel and wood for a classic yet modern American aesthetic. The clean lines and minimalist design is a beautiful addition to homes, desks, and rooms that are in need of being filled with music. Similar to timepieces, high-end turntables are high-precision instruments that require detailed engineering, use of the best materials, expert machining and skillful assembly. Shinola Runwell Turntables and audio accessories are designed and built in America using US and imported parts.

There are also plans for a separate building that includes a coffeeshop for their audio production just around the corner from Selden Standard. They’re also opening a boutique hotel in downtown Detroit.

Third Man Records, beyond their retail store, is also ramping up to do record pressing in the city.

Here’s the video:

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