This one is definitely the spirit of the season. As for the description and to set the scene, we’ll leave it to the source:

My little sister Emma hasn’t seen her Fiancé in 100 days because he was at Basic Training after joining the Air Force early this fall. They knew they wanted to get married after he had been gone, so they decided to get married over the phone. Jon, her fiance, hasn’t had the chance to properly propose to Emma until this morning at the Detroit airport.

Emma had help from one of our family friends who works for Delta. She got Emma a gateway pass so she could go through security and greet Jon at his gate. Emma thought she was going to be surprising Jon, but he was the one who put all of this together. In the video you will also see that had asked passengers of the plane to hand her a rose as they exited the plane. He was the last one to get off the plane and he was finally able to see Emma and properly propose to her. Enjoy and happy holidays everyone!

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