When you sit and realize that you’ve ordered carry out from the same place eight times in the last three months, you realize you probably need to write about this place.

That should tell you about my feelings on Delray Barbecue. So I had to learn what’s behind the BBQ.

Here’s how it got started. About a year and a half ago, proprietor Collin Karcher says he inherited a pig smoker from his dad and started a catering company.

When the pandemic struck in March, Karcher (along with business partner Steve Sladovnik) started offering their barbecue as a pop-up operating out of Green’s Event Hall and Gallery at 600 South Solvay Street in Detroit’s Delray neighborhood.

Collin Karcher, owner of Delray Barbecue
Owner Collin Karcher greets customers curb-side!

To order ahead (and I recommend it in case they sell out), visit the Delray Barbecue website. The menu is posted the Wednesday beforehand on the website and on the Delray Barbecue Facebook and Instagram pages.

Once you arrive, call the phone number posted on the sign and Karcher will come out to deliver your order curbside. There’s no reason to get out of your car.

Delray Barbecue sign
Look for the sign! When you arrive, call the number and Collin will come out to you.

I visited Delray Barbecue again Saturday, August 22nd. I got a pound of rib tips, half a pound of brisket, half a pound of pulled chicken, macaroni and cheese, a corn muffin.

This meal cost under $40 before tip, and it was a lot of food. It fed two plus there were leftovers. The rib tips were tender, the mac and cheese was super creamy, and the muffin was delicate without falling apart.

Container of rib tips, macaroni and cheese, and cornbread muffin
Rib Tip Meal

The brisket was rich.

Container of brisket from Delray Barbecue

And the pulled chicken was juicy.

Container of pulled chicken
Pulled Chicken

The meats had the right amount of smokiness and the sides were a great accompaniment. And the sauce! The sauce (served on the side) is tangy and not too sweet. It enhances the meat perfectly.

Plate of rib tips, brisket, pulled chicken, and barbecue sauce
Meat Plate with Sauce

You can find more food pictures from past visits at the end of the article.

Karcher said he’s picking up a trailer and having it customized so he can start doing pop-ups and events in the Detroit and Wyandotte, when it is safe to do so.

In the meantime, I highly recommend you go pick up Delray Barbecue while you can. But the weekly window is limited.

You can pick up your Delray Barbecue favorites on Saturdays between noon and 3:00 p.m. If you order ahead, pick it up by 1:00 p.m.

I strongly suggest calling ahead.

Map of Detroit showing location of Delray Barbecue
Find Delray Barbecue in the Delray neighborhood of southwest Detroit

Delray Barbecue
600 S. Solvay St.
Detroit, MI 48209
(313) 770-1517

Additional Pictures

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