This week Ferndale is going to be hopping for the Detroit Improv Festival. If the most you have seen of improv is the show Whose Line Is It Anyway? then I implore you to come to Ferndale this week to catch one of the many improv shows scheduled. The Festival starts on August 10 and runs through August 14.

The Detroit Improv Festival is a four day festival of performances and workshops. Over 50 troupes from around the United States and Canada will be traveling to Detroit to perform in the festival.

There are a few highlights for the festival this year.

On Wednesday night there will be a fundraiser for Detroit Creativity Project will be having a student showcase along with a performance by the troupe The 313.

The 313 is made up of Josh Funk, Nyima Funk, Andy Cobb, Maribeth Monroe, Jaime Moyer, Marc Evan Jackson, Nancy Hayden and Marc Warzecha. There will be shows at 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM. The fundraiser will be at the Boll Family YMCA downtown. These will be the only shows that are located outside of Ferndale.

Paul F. Tompkins will be performing two shows on Friday night at The Magic Bag. The first show is already sold out, but there are still tickets for the 10:00 PM show.

Also if you have never seen any of the hometown troupes perform at Go Comedy or The Planet Ant you can check them out at the festival as well.

There are four main venues for this years festival; Go Comedy, The Ringwald Theater, Magic Bag, and Local Kitchen and Bar.

The DIF also will be holding workshops throughout the week. A lot of the workshops have already sold out, but you can find the schedule on the DIF website.

Tickets for any of the performances can be purchased here. Some of the shows are already sold out, so get your tickets now. Prices for the shows vary from $5 up to $25. You can also purchase a Full Festival Pass for $110. It allows for one ticket for each performance. They do need to be pre-arranged, but it is a $30 discount.

There is something magical about sitting in the audience of an improv show. Maybe it is because the troupes on stage are creating scenes on the fly, or maybe it is because the performers in each troupe trust each other immensely. Each performance brings something new and different.

I know I already have a list of performances I want to go to this week. I hope to see you at one of them. Here’s a complete schedule:

7pm – Boll Family YMCA – Detroit Creativity Project fundraiser featuring The 313 & Sara Fouracre from 97.1 The Ticket – $15
8pm – Go Comedy Improv Theater – Dianasty, Reclassify Pluto, BAUS, Sharks & Danger – $10
9pm – Boll Family YMCA – Detroit Creativity Project fundraiser featuring The 313 & Travis Wright from WDET – $15
10pm – Go Comedy Improv Theater – DIF Sauce Improv Jam – FREE SHOW!

8pm – Go Comedy Improv Theater – Double Oh, Burnside, Salt – $20
8pm – Ringwald Theater – Birdbox Players, Jeffery the Plant, TwoSon – $20
10pm – Go Comedy Improv Theater – Big Baby, Orson Whales, The Offbeats, DIF All Stars W/ Kevin Dorff, Joe Bill, & TBD – $20
10pm – Ringwald Theater – Jibber Jabbar, OTR Improv, Pretty Much Sisters, The League of Pointless Improvisors – $20

7pm – Magic Bag Theater – Human Amusements, SPONTANEANATION with Paul F. Tompkins – $25
8pm – Go Comedy Improv Theater – MARS, Virginia Slims, Messing with a Friend – $20
8pm – Ringwald Theater – B.E.T.H., Stir Friday Night, No Waiting W/ Marc Warzecha – $20
10pm – Magic Bag Theater – Dad’s Garage, SPONTANEANATION with Paul F. Tompkins – $25
10pm – Go Comedy Improv Theater – Future Kids, Sad Trombone, Hugs & Pullups, Bottle of Red – $20
10pm – Ringwald Theater – Snooze Button, Dubalicious, The Nice Guys, Orange Tuxedo – Carla & Craig Cackowski – $20

6pm – Go Comedy Improv Theater – Matt Naas Variety Show – $5
8pm – Go Comedy Improv Theater – Wisenheimer, Flagstaff, Bearded Men – $20
8pm – Ringwald Theater – Euro Trash, Gayle, Kornfeld & Andrews – $20
8pm – Local Restaurant & Bar – Fake Cops, Presto Change-O, Mama’s Boy – $25
10pm – Go Comedy Improv Theater – Brothers Jacokes, Summer Romance, DAAANG Judy Dench, DIF All Stars W/ Amy Phillips, Carla Cackowski, Craig Cackowski, Joe Bill, and TBD – $20
10pm– Ringwald Theater – SODA, Listen Stupid, Droday, Shrimp Forks – Nick Armstrong & Karen Graci – $20
10pm – Local Restaurant & Bar – Za West, Damaged Goods, Planet Ant Home Team, The 313 – $25
12am – Ringwald Theater – Susan Messing & Jaime Moyer – $5

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