You might have seen some changes in your local TV station over the last few years. Or that more sports is going behind a service that's not your cable provider. Or that more of the well-reported journalism you want to read is behind a paywall.

That's because there are fundamental shifts happening in the media business, pushing these moves.

Joining Jer at the studio in Tech Town is a longtime friend of the show, Matt Friedman, partner at Tanner Friedman Public Relations. Matt brings his expertise to help us navigate the fast-changing media landscape.

Here are some of the topics we touch on:

State of Media: Matt discusses the dramatic changes in local TV news, including buyouts and the impact of cord-cutting on local stations' revenue.

Economic Shifts: The conversation covers how the economics of TV have shifted from high profit margins to a more challenging financial environment, affecting staffing and news coverage.

Institutional Knowledge: Concerns about the loss of institutional knowledge in newsrooms and its implications for coverage quality.

Collaborative Journalism: There's aerise of collaborative journalism between nonprofits and for-profits to fill in gaps left by traditional media.

Impact of Tech Companies: The role of tech giants like Meta and Google in shaping how news is consumed and distributed - and how it's a frenemy situation with many media professionals and producers.

Future of Sports Broadcasting: A deep dive into the Bally Sports bankruptcy and the future of sports broadcasting, including the potential shift to team-owned streaming services.

Consumer Advice: Matt advises people to be prepared to pay for quality news and information as the media landscape continues to evolve.

Listen to the full episode to get a comprehensive understanding of the current state and future of local media.

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