Today, we're diving into the vibrant summer scene in Detroit.

Devon and Jer kick things off by discussing the new restaurant and bar scene, including the exciting opening of Easy Peasy, a new concept located in the old Cornerstone space downtown. They’re now offering a lunch sushi program from Detroit Sushi, making it a must-visit spot.

We also highlight the Monarch Club's fantastic cocktails and the importance of using reservation apps to snag last-minute tables at popular spots.

Jer shares his recent experience at Coriander, a restaurant on the far east side of the city by the canals, which has upped its game with an excellent Marrow burger and a busy, vibrant atmosphere.

For those with kids, Devon offers some tips on finding family-friendly restaurants in Detroit, emphasizing the need for space and a lively atmosphere. He mentions Supergeil as a great example of a kid-friendly spot with outdoor space.

There's a new coffee shop opening at Post in Detroit on Kercheval near Grosse Pointe Park, adding to the growing list of cool daytime spots in the area. We also discuss the transformation of a Starbucks into a Lucky Coffee in the village of Grosse Pointe, expanding the brand's footprint.

Summer events are in full swing, and we talk about the Brisa Bar in Campus Martius, which offers a casual vibe with small bites and tropical drinks. Capitol Park's new art installation and the upcoming Grand Circus Gala and Bourbon Garden are also on our radar, promising fun and unique experiences in the city.

And in other news, Michigan has surpassed California to become the largest cannabis market in the United States by sales volume. We discuss the implications of this milestone and what it means for the state's economy and tax revenue.

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