Let’s go straight to some of the best stories around the web about Detroit!

The David Whitney Building looks awesome. Although the rent is going to be above what we could afford, a $2 per square foot rental rate is the “tipping point” many talked about for downtown. The lobby is outstanding and the development will have a hotel, restaurants, and living spaces. [Detroit News]

An update on inclusion in Detroit’s turnaround. Alex B. Hill’s data is still making waves in the media where there’s a panel on FlashPoint but also there have been a few minor updates in the original post. If anything a tough conversation is happening in a city that needs it. [WDIV]

A mysterious bidder has jumped in on the “blight bundle,” which is more than 6,000 properties in one fell swoop. The original intent was that no one would want this ridiculous bundle and then the properties within could be transferred to a land bank. People are puzzled as to who it is, and it’s going to cost a lot more than the $3.1 million purchase price to do something about. Estimates say that $3+ million will give you the opportunity to spend another $24 million to handle the properties properly. [Bloomberg]

The Detroit Police are getting a new horse, of course, of course. His name is Hoosier, and the mounted unit has found new life in the last few years. [Lafayette Journal & Courier]

Local blogger Paul Szewczyk is wonderfully nerdy with his look at if our major roads actually followed Indian trails and the true heart of downtown Detroit.. which wasn’t Campus Martius originally but at the corner of where the Federal Building and the Free Press and News will make their new home, the former Federal reserve building. There are cool old maps, too. [Corktown History]

Could 142,000 in Detroit go homeless in the next year and a half? This year alone, statistics have shown that 27,000 Detroiters will lose their homes through the forclosure process. Not to mention, water bills are tied to tax bills here, as unpaid water bills are transferred to the tax debt. But there are also ways people are trying to help. It’s not a happy story, but it is a very important one. [The Atlantic]

Detroit dogs, cats and other species are in line to have a new facility that can help them. The Michigan Humane Society broke ground this week on a new 34,000-square foot animal care campus, right near their current facility they have been in since the 1920s. [Crain’s Detroit]

Can a bag make a life better? That’s what Karen Dybis looks at over on DetroitUnspun. It seems silly at first, but Better Life Bags has been in business for five years and based on the desire of the founder to create social change. And they’ve put their money and actions where their mouth is, which is key in this area. [DetroitUnspun]

From Detroit to SoHo, an event called “Detroit Built” is making an appearance in New York City and features nearly 30 Detroit designers & companies. [MLive]

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