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New Photos And An Update On The Progress Of That Giant RoboCop Statue

Awhile back, with much fanfare and commotion on the internet, a crowdfunded Kickstarter campaign raised thousands of dollars to construct a giant RoboCop statue. Last summer, we talked to both the artist putting the piece together and the organizers in an in-depth piece that we’re not going to repeat here – you can go and read it to see how RoboCop in Detroit got here. We spent more than 2,300 words on it. We receive between 5 and 10 requests every week asking about this statue at Daily Detr...

Here's Why Detroit Doesn't Have A RoboCop Statue (Yet)

In February of 2011, something remarkable and utterly bizarre happened in Detroit. And, like most monumental movements in today’s world, it all began with a tweet: What followed was this response by then Mayor of Detroit, Dave Bing: What happened next was nothing short of magic, and proof of the unyielding power of Internet virality. Local artist John Leonard created a Facebook page, which boldly stated that Detroit needed a RoboCop statue. By the end of its first day, that page rece...

Go Comedy! Brings "ROBOCOP The Musical" To Life At The City Theatre

Robocop is one of the brands that people readily associate with Detroit, so why not lampoon it? In that vein, the Go Comedy! Improv Theater is presenting ROBOCOP! The Musical at the City Theatre from Thursday, February 19 through Sunday, March 1, 2015. What is ROBOCOP! The Musical? It is a live musical parody of RoboCop and an original production with book by Sean May (from Eastpointe) and music by May and Ryan Parmenter (from Plymouth). ROBOCOP! The Musical is a fun, hilarious, re-imagining...

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