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QUICK TIP: Slow's BBQ Takes Chili Cheese Fries To Another Level

Let’s be real. We don’t blog about Slow’s BBQ often because we pretty much assume to you it’s common knowledge. However, when we discover something a little off the beaten path on the menu we need to share it. Candidly, when we first saw this on the menu we thought “really? You’ve gotta be kidding me. At Slow’s?” Our initial trepidation was misplaced. We ordered the Chili Cheese Waffle Fries, and we were kind of blown away. So much so we’re blogging this from our iThing while sitting at the...

Greedy Greg's Is The Best BBQ You've Probably Never Had

Greedy Greg cooks up ribs, rib tips, and turkey legs outside of his home near McNichols and Gratiot on Detroit’s East Side. You might know him from his appearance on Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown: Detroit. In the show, Bourdain and Charlie LeDuff stop by Greg’s barbecue stand to try the ribs and his famous sides of mac & cheese and collard greens made by his wife Rochelle. The episode focuses on the food–which is wonderful–and briefly describes Greg’s operation as, “Detroit-style entrepreneur...

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